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10 Career Blogs Every Twenty-Something Needs to Bookmark


10 Career Blogs Every Twenty-Something Needs to Bookmark

Tess Brigham


These days it seems like everyone has either a blog or a podcast or both. It's now an overwhelming task when you finally sit in front of your computer to either start your first job search or to possibly learn more about transitioning into another career.

Whatever the reason you are seeking help, having websites and blogs that are geared toward the trials and tribulations of being a twenty-something in today’s job market bookmarked is one way to get ahead of your peers.


Here are 10 blogs that are specifically for young professionals:


Corn on the Job (

Corn on the Job was created by Rich DeMatteo who is a career expert, Gen Y Career Coach and a Social Media Expert. Rich has worked as a Staffing/Human Resources professional, he has coached thousands of job seekers and has worked directly with client managers.

Rich’s vast experience and insight into what works/doesn’t work in each step of the hiring process makes his blog worth reading. He knows what hiring managers are looking for and covers topics like: CV writing, how to get a job with little or no experience, what kinds of skills will workers need in the future and more.


DailyWorth (

DailyWorth launched in 2009 with the goal of providing advice specifically for women across all areas of money, career and entrepreneurship.

There are 3 primary focuses on this site: Money, Career and Business. The Money section covers how to invest, how to save, getting out of debt and paying off school loans. Career covers job searching, networking, negotiating, and work/life balance. Business covers starting a business, running a business and freelancing. Do you need anything else to have the career of your dreams?


GenYGirl (

Gen Y Girl calls itself a “Millennial Career & Lifestyle Blog.” This blog was started by Kayla Cruz who is an extremely smart and ambitious individual. She graduated from college at age 20 and currently holds a full-time job a Contract Administrator in a large Supply Chain department and in her spare time received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration specializing in Human Resources. She does all that and runs this blog. She started the blog because she wants “to help young professionals navigate through their first few years as twenty-somethings in the work force.”

If you look at her “Career” section you will find 3 sub-sections: Gen Y Issues, Leadership and Career Series. In Gen Y Issues, Kayla covers topics like how to get over the fear of rejection, how to get noticed at work in your 20s and more. In Leadership she covers…you guessed it – how to be a good leader. The section I love the most is “Career Series” where Kayla interviews someone in a particular field to find out what they do each day, what they like about the job, what they don’t like about the job and what skills you need for this particular job.


HerAgenda (

HerAgenda mission is to serve as a site for information and inspiration for millennial women. Their goal is, “to empower women to not allow anything to stop them from reaching their goals and aspirations while providing them with the resources to overcome their challenges.”

Site sections include: “The Main Agenda” is their homepage and includes the site’s latest interviews, events and articles to help their readers navigate their careers. “Power Agendas” features stories of inspirational women who are leaders in their fields. “Power Directory” is a list of women empowerment organizations across the country. Finally they have a section called “Your Agenda & Opportunities” which promotes events, workshops, panels, scholarships, etc. that focus solely on women.


Job Jenny (

The first thing you will notice about Job Jenny (aka Jenny Foss) is that she has a good sense of humor and doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously.

Jenny Foss believed there wasn’t enough good advice out there on how to manage your career. To quote Jenny herself, “ was born from our belief that it shouldn’t be so stinking hard, overwhelming and confusing to navigate job search, land the promotion, or venture off onto a wildly different – yet exponentially more fun – career path.” Jenny and her team offer a host of services from resume and cover letter writing to helping you a LinkedIn make-over to consulting.

If you are looking for some career advice, go to her blog where you will find a wide range of blogs on everything from reducing your fears before a job interview to how to best use your LinkedIn profile. Jenny’s (and her guest bloggers) advice is always funny and straightforward.


Life After College (

Jenny Blake at the age of 30 has accomplished a great deal. She started her “Life After College” Website in 2005 and is the author of two books.

Life After College is a comprehensive collection of blogs that covers career planning, being a part-time side hustler, entrepreneurship and more. Jenny even writes about her own experiences from having a start-up to working at Google and back to being a Solopreneur.


Marie Forleo (

I am a little biased here because I just love Marie and I am a proud graduate of her program bschool. Every Tuesday Marie comes out with a new episode of MarieTV.

Marie’s motto is “create a business and life you love.” Marie is dedicated to helping women (and men) find what they are meant to do in this world and then go for it. Marie blends inspiration and action like no one else.


The Muse (

Many of you may already be familiar with The Muse. I guess I am showing my age because until I started doing research for this article, The Muse was new to me. I am so happy I found it. It seems that The Muse is designed specifically for Millennials who are looking for not just a “job” but a meaningful career.

If you go to the “advice” section and look under career advice, you will find 7 different career subcategories. Whether you are just starting out and need resume writing tips or if you are in your 2nd or 3rd job and need help getting ahead or changing jobs, there is an article for you.

For all of you who are actively looking for a new job, this is your one stop website for job hunting and staying in the know.


Penelope Trunk (

Penelope Trunk has a very impressive resume herself. She has created 4 startups including Brazeen Careerist (which also has an awesome blog) and her current company Quistic which provides online courses to help people manage their careers.

Penelope was living in NYC, working on her second start-up and writing for Business 2.0 magazine when 9/11 happened. After that Penelope made the decision to be a full-time writer at the same time that Generation Y was beginning to enter the workforce.

If you go to her “careers” section you will find Penelope’s blog. She posts something at least every week (if not more). Her posts range from; how to get a job, to how to be more productive, to her own experiences being a mentor. She also homeschools her two sons and writes a lot about education and the trials and tribulations of being a homeschooling mother.


Under30CEO (

Under30CEO was founded by friends Matt Wilson and Jared O’Toole who both wanted to avoid having to get regular 9-5 jobs after college graduation. They started this community for other like-minded individuals who wanted to have a different work experience.

Under30CEO is “a resource for young professionals to share their best practices, tips, and experiences to benefit other young professionals who want to start their own business or take their career to the next level.”

Under30CEO not only features articles about building your business and career tips and advice, it also features blog posts about health and wellness and how to live a meaningful life.