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Tess Brigham

My son and I were driving to school last and here’s a snippet of our conversation:


Me: “Aren’t you excited? Next week is a short week and then you have 5 days off.”

Max: “Oh, wait, what holiday is next week again?”

Me: “It’s Thanksgiving.”

Max: “Do I get presents for Thanksgiving?”

Me: “No, you get the gift of spending time with your family.”

Max: “Well that’s no fun.”


Despite my son’s lack of gratitude, this conversation made me laugh. It goes without saying that I’m eternally grateful for my son, but I’m also very grateful for his wry sense of humor.

There are so many things in life to be grateful for but today I want to share with you the smaller things in life that make me smile and ultimately make my day-to-day life a little better. I hope you discover something in this list that will make you smile (even just a little) and more grateful for life.


1. Podcasts, my two favorites - “Watch What Crappens” and “How Did This Get Made?”

Watch What Crappens features two very funny, witty bloggers talking about Bravo shows. They primarily talk about the Real Housewives franchises but will talk about any show that appears on Bravo. I’ve listened to a few other wrap-up shows about the Housewives and no one (and I mean no one) does it better.

The best way to describe How Did This Get Made?  is to quote their podcast description: “Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it’s amazing?” Hosted by Paul Sheer with June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas, they watch “so bad, they are so good” movies and pick them apart. The best episodes are the live ones. My personal favorite: “From Justin to Kelly.”


2. Philz Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, if you have a Philz Coffee in your city and if you’ve never been there…then stop everything and go there immediately. I love coffee and I take my coffee drinking very seriously. Nothing upsets me more than a bad cup of coffee.


3. Swiffer Sweeper Wet/Dry Jet

I had seen the commercials where the mom/stay at home dad/elderly couple talks about how their children are messy and cleaning is hard. The doorbell rings and there on their doorstep is the Swiffer Sweeper Wet/Dry Jet and their lives are changed forever. I was skeptical at first, but I’m here to say, it is life changing. So fun and easy that my son has swiffered and loved it - that’s life changing!


4. Stitch Fix

My sister first told me about Stitch Fix and I was instantly intrigued. Every month I get 5 items of clothing sent to my house, I try them on; I keep some and return the rest. They include a pre-paid envelope so that whatever I don’t want, I throw it in and drop off at the post office. Love it. Try it for a month or two and see if it works for you.

5. Discovering Binge-Worthy Shows (especially when you weren’t expecting it )

There have been some amazing TV shows this year. There have been a few that I had heard about, decided to check out and before I knew it…I was on episode #3 and in the midst of a full-on binge. 

My latest discovery: Master of None - I am not a huge Aziz Ansari fan so I wasn’t aware this show until a client of mine brought it up and said that he thought it was “brilliant.” I trust this person’s taste, so I went home and started watching the first episode. Needless to say, two days later and I had watched the whole thing. The last 2 episodes are amazing and speak to everything that I talk about with my 20 and 30 something clients.

6. Packaged nuts from Trader Joe’s

What can I say? I love trail mix, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, and the list goes on. Like a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, I can’t have a “little bit.” I know I’m paying more for these individual bags but there is no way I could only eat 200 calories if it wasn’t prepackaged for me.

7. Crossword Puzzles

As a therapist and coach, I deal with the “shades of grey” of life. There is no “right” answer or response to a client’s question. There is no script to follow. While I love my job, at the end of the day, I need crosswords because they are black and white (literally) and there is only one answer that fits.

8. The Howard Stern Show

When I tell people I love Howard Stern, they either think I’m instantly cool or they’re completely repelled by my presence. I’ve been listening to Howard Stern for over 22 years now. I discovered him when his show aired from 7pm-11pm (it was a replay of the morning show) on a local Boston radio station. (Quick side note: Howard and I both went to Boston University and graduated from their College of Communications.)

There has been a lot of talk lately that Howard has “jumped the shark.” Howard has become more “mainstream” and many A-list performers, who used to be closeted fans, are actually appearing on his show. His older fans claim he doesn’t ask the same sex questions and he doesn’t press for dirt or inappropriate information from their lives.

Howard has been in intense therapy since his divorce in the late 90s. You can see how he has grown as a person and how time, experience and being now a 61 year old man has made him look at life differently. The show still makes me laugh and I still maintain that Howard is one of the best interviewers out there.


I bought a house this year and the minute the escrow closed, I started watching HGTV. I got hooked fast. It would play in the background as I packed up all our belonging and again when we were unpacking in our new home. I knew nothing about design and didn’t really pay attention to it before we bought this house. I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself because I managed to decorate our house all by myself…well just me and HGTV.

10. My pug Rocco

I admit I do talk about my pug Rocco a lot. If you’ve visited my newly updated website, I even feature a picture of Rocco. Rocco is now 11 years old and I know that he’s in the final stage of his life. This dog has been by my side for the past decade and has never let me down. I work with people, and I love people, but nothing is better than pug kisses.

I wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday. I am grateful for all of you. I know that you are bombarded by information on a daily basis and I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read my blogs and ultimately letting me in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!