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You're Not in High School Anymore, You Can Fall and No One Will Laugh


You're Not in High School Anymore, You Can Fall and No One Will Laugh

Tess Brigham

We’re onto Secret #3! If you haven’t read my introduction and Secrets #1 and #2 of The 7 Secrets to Surviving the 20-Something Years, click here.

While there are certainly downsides to getting older, one benefit is those awkward high school years become a distant memory. For many of you though, these years weren’t that long ago and it doesn’t take much to remember how self-conscious and insecure you once felt.
Whether you loved or hated the teen years, no one leaves that time unscathed. Most people just want to get through those years without anyone ever finding out how insecure they truly feel.
The good news is those days are gone and this is your time to try new things and take all those risks you’ve been dreaming about.

Secret #3: You’re not in high school anymore, you can fail, fall flat on your face and no one will laugh at you

Remember being back in high school when every mistake, terrible outfit, little pimple, bad hair day felt like the end of the world? When you tripped in the hall that one time, right in front of your crush, and everyone laughed at you, it felt like you’d never get over it?

Guess what – nobody’s watching anymore. This is the perfect time to make mistakes. When you were in school and felt like everyone was watching and judging you, it took a lot of guts to put yourself out there and go against the grain.

Now that you’re part of the working world, there are very few people who are watching and judging what you do and what you say. You know who your worst critic is- you.

This is the time to take those risks and try out new things, not as the ultra cool teenager you felt like you had to be in school, but as the open, not afraid to look foolish 20-something that you are today.