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Hi, My Name is Jane and I’m Addicted to Tinder


Hi, My Name is Jane and I’m Addicted to Tinder

Tess Brigham

Do you have a love/hate relationship with dating apps? Have you ever deleted and uploaded Tinder in the same day? You may need dating rehab.

I've been seeing a pattern with many of my young single clients. They go on Tinder, Bumble or one of the many other dating apps out there only to become disillusioned and disappointed by the kinds of people they are meeting. They go on one too many bad dates and decide to swear off dating apps forever.

Then they start to feel lonely. They start to need attention or a feeling or worthiness. They go back on the apps looking for validation, only to start the cycle over again.

Then one day it hit me - on-line dating in our modern world can feel, at times, like an addiction.

When I made the connection between the patterns I was seeing with clients and addiction, how to address this problem started to make sense. I instantly saw how the tools and techniques used in addiction treatment can help people like you stop repeating the same unhealthy dating patterns that are keeping you stuck and feeling unworthy of love.

I've posted my entire article on YourTango. Click here: Hi My Name is Jane and I'm Addicted to Tinder to read the entire post.

If you need dating app rehab, I've got something for you that I know will help. I’ve created the “12 Steps to Breaking Free From Your Addiction to Dating Apps” worksheet. This (FREE) guide gives you an explanation of each step so you can finally break-free from dating apps for good.