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Let's Level on Adulting's Lie of "Alone"

Tess Brigham

You’re not alone.

I want to say that again - you’re not alone. 

Even if you’re in a huge fight with your best friend, your parents seem like they don’t care about your anxiety, and you can’t find anyone at work who can give you the answers you need… you’re not alone.

But this is what adulting does - it makes you feel like you’re the only one.
The only one who’s ever doubted a decision.
The only one who’s ever felt that giant fear before you go into a party.
The only one who feels like an imposter on the job (yes, even after all that training…)
The only one who’s felt completely LOST since college.
The only one who hears that little negative voice in your head whenever you get ready for a date.
The only one who’s ever faced what you’re facing right now.

The reason I know that you’re not alone is because I’ve heard these things from so many others just like you. 

Adulting can be really hard. It can be the thing that keeps you from happiness and the thing that keeps you from what you want out of life.

But you’re not alone. If others are feeling this way, too, that means there are solutions.

You can feel confident about making decisions, calm about the work you do, magnanimous about your family, forgiving of your best friend, and rock-solid about the direction you’re going in your life.

If others have felt awful and turned it around, you can, too.

Because you’re not alone.