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What is "Adulting," Anyway?


What is "Adulting," Anyway?

Tess Brigham

In my practice, I counsel and coach 20-somethings who struggle to launch and/or struggle to create fulfillment in specific areas of their lives. Whether it’s dating, finding success at work, or just overall motivation, there is a definite pattern of confusion or feelings of failure.

There’s a term out there right now that I’m not certain I’ve ever really used: “adulting”. The term refers to the idea that being an adult or making adult decision is too difficult. Now, don’t take this the wrong way: 20-somethings are some of the best and brightest, the most hard-working individuals I know. However, they struggle with a feeling of ‘stuck’ or a feeling that they’re doing it wrong - another part of the meaning of the term “adulting”.

And while adulting is certainly a new term, it’s not a new concept. All generations find the transition from teenager-hood into adulthood to be tricky. But previous generations had a different outlook and a different level of support for their challenges. (I’m not talking about ‘better’ here, just ‘different’. This isn’t a commentary on anyone’s ability as a parent!)

So, all this month, I’ll be talking about ‘adulting’ and the whys and hows 20-somethings struggle with it. I’ll also be sharing a few tips for encouraging your 20-something to take a leap and try flight, instead of doubt… 

If you’d like to join in, comment below with how you first heard the term ‘adulting’ - or head over to my Facebook page and join in the conversations there.