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Free Your Mind Program

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Free Your Mind Program


Free Your Mind Program


Self-paced 4-week Course

Start anytime!

Delivered via email

This Course Includes:

  • 3 Mini Courses
  • 9 Email Lessons
  • 4 Audio Files
  • 9 Worksheets

I created the 4-week Free Your Mind Program for people looking for a more holistic change program. In this immersive series of four mini courses, you'll get all the same materials in each of these four courses: 

The only things we can control are our thoughts and emotions. Learn how to take control of your mind with these tools and techniques. 

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How Can These Mini-Courses Help Me?

I want to pull back the curtain a little bit and let you in on a few secrets.

After years of working as a therapist and coach, where I get the privilege of listening to people talk about their innermost thoughts and struggles, I have the distinct advantage of seeing how we all tick.

Everyone, and I mean, everyone struggles with feelings of loneliness, anxiety, sadness and overwhelm.

Do you know who your worst enemy is? It’s not your crabby neighbor or that girl in high school that teased you relentlessly.

Your worst enemy is that voice inside of your head that tells you that you are not good enough, you should be fearful, you are lazy and you are not worthy of love, happiness, success… or whatever it is that you most desire in life.

Now for the good news…since your enemy is you and that mean, nasty voice lives inside your head…you can do something about it.

You can decide that you’re going to figure out another way of speaking to yourself. You can decide that you don’t want your anxiety to rule your life. You can decide that you’re a good, beautiful, caring person and that you deserve what you want from this life.

This is what the challenge is going to teach you. It’s going to teach you how to change, transform, shift your minds and ultimately free your mind.

What Will I Learn?

I developed these courses to help you learn how to:

·      Recognize their negative thinking

·      Better understand your anxiety and fears

·      Find the internal motivation to meet your goals

·      Start to change in the dialog in your head

·      Understand the difference between irrational thoughts and the truth of your particular situation

·      Learn to control your thoughts—because how you think affects how you see yourself and the world around you.

Ultimately you will learn easy and actionable tools and techniques that you can begin to use immediately. That’s what therapy and coaching is all about. It’s about giving people the insights and tools they need in order to have the life they want.