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Quarter Life Coaching

does any of this sound familiar to you...? 

"My job sucks!"          "I'll never find 'the one.'"

"I'm going to be alone forever."         "I'm no good at 'adulting.'

"I'm never going to find the job of my dreams."

 You're not alone. 

The question now is...Are you ready to flip the script in your head and live your best 20-something life? 

I've helped hundreds of people in your position move from crisis to clarity. I can show you how to feel excited and confident in your decisions, how to know when you're on the right track and how to create the job and life of your dreams.

I specialize in working with 20-somethings (aka Millennials, Generation Yers) who need inspiration, support and guidance navigating this exciting but overwhelming time. This is where coaching comes in.

Through coaching we will:

  • Figure out why you are feeling so lost and confused
  • Create a Plan of Action that really works
  • Create meaning in your life
  • Determine and then leverage your strengths
  • Identify, understand and get rid of your fears
  • Manage life's "curve balls"

There are two ways we can work together

The Monthly "Take Charge" Plan

This is my most cost-effective plan. To pay for all of these services individually would cost almost $1200.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Three - 45 minute sessions every month (via Skype or phone)
  • Weekly Personalized Action Plans
  • Individualized exercises and information to keep you accountable and moving in the right direction
  • Personal Email Support

The Monthly "Take Charge" Plan is best for someone who has multiple areas they would like to address, i.e. career and relationships or feels they need more one-on-one help. 


Just One (or Two) at a Time: The "a la carte" Plan

The "a la carte" Plan is best for someone who has a very specific issue or problem they want to tackle.

Here's what you'll get:

Each 50 minute session (via Skype or phone) will give you the individualized tools you need to create clarity and solutions.


Still have questions? Not sure coaching is right for you?

I also offer 20 minute free consultations to see if coaching is right for you. Go to and schedule your call today.

If you prefer email, feel free to take a few minutes to write me a little about yourself. You'll receive an email response from me within 48 hours. I'm always here to help.


I am sure you have lots of questions, here are the ones that I get asked most often:

How does coaching work? 
Coaching is structured differently than therapy. While therapists usually meet with their clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in person, coaching can be done either in person, on the phone or via Skype.

I don’t know what I need? How do I know if I need coaching vs. therapy or maybe something else altogether? 
Coaching is most appropriate for individuals who want to address current life issues, learn more effective ways of communication, and build upon or improve their health and wellness.

In coaching the client defines the specific goals and formulates an action plan in conjunction with the coach. Coaches do not diagnose mental health disorders nor do they explore past childhood issues that may be creating resistance or problems today.

Therapy is most appropriate for individuals who are struggling with past issues that continue to interfere with their present. 

How long will all of this take?
While I do offer a la carte coaching services, I have found that clients who commit to coaching for at least 3 months are most successful. Why 3 months? Research has shown that it takes 66 days for new habits to stick. By committing to working together for at least 3 months you will have the support, guidance and accountability to create lasting change.

I am usually able to assess how long it will take for you to meet your goals either after our initial phone consult or after our first session. I never recommend more coaching than needed.

Who are my services not for?
I am very directive and involved. I believe everyone has the ability to change if they want to. I may press you to determine a goal for yourself for the week, and I will ask you about it during our next session. I like to make book recommendations and give homework, because I want you to succeed. 

Still have questions? I’m always here to help. 

Feel free to take a few minutes to write me a little about yourself- you’ll get an email response from me within 48 hours. I also offer 20-minute free consultations to see if coaching is right for you.